How Does L&R Merchandising Reach Out to the Community?

Posted by admin on March 25, 2013
L&R Merchandising is already a proven leader in the merchandising world. Offering a wealth of career options for individuals of all skill levels and professional levels, they help individuals reach their career and financial goals. Sure, you can improve your own job and money situation with L&R's help, but they help others too.   L&R is one of the area's most generous and prolific donators to local and national charities. They've made donations to world wide known organizations like Disabled American Veterans, the American Red Cross, Make a Wish Foundation, and the Salvation Army. Local charities, like New Hampshire Catholic Charities, are helped out by L&R as well.   Not only do they give to other charities, but they sponsor them as well. They help food drives by giving turkeys each year to Gerry's Food Pantry in Rochester, New Hampshire, and the Friends of Forgotten Children food pantry in Concord. Their charity efforts reach globally too. They sponsor Children from the Philippines, Children International charities, and the Christian Mission to Restore Haiti.   L&R Merchandising's charitable resume is long indeed! When you join your career goals with theirs, you can be confidant in the fact that you're making a positive difference for your local community here in New Hampshire and improving conditions all around the world. "Our success is your success," as their motto goes, and your success is the world's.