James Santerre’s experience at L&R Incorporated

Posted by admin on June 11, 2013


James “Jim Bob” Santerre began with L&R Incorporated back in February 2013. Back in February he began as an entry level customer service representative. Since then he has been going above and beyond in his duties and responsibilities.

Upward mobility at L&R Incorporated

Diligence and consistent work habits have helped James earn above average wages. At L&R Incorporated, we believe that an outstanding work ethic deserves an outstanding payout. On top of his pay increase, James has been assisting the company with other duties, such as training.Jim Bob's Sales Jobs in NH

Soon after James began with L&R Incorporated, he began training the new customer service representatives. His consistence has him heading in the direction he wants to go.

Reaching career goals

James has set an ambitious goal that he aims to reach within one and a half years. His goal of working his way up the company and eventually running a factory outlet is getting closer each day.

L&R Incorporated employs ambitious young candidates who want to start a new career and see it blossom. We give opportunity to people like James every single day. If you would like to inquire about a career at L&R Incorporated, feel free to call for an immediate interview today at 1-866-213-3131.