L&R Employee Profiles: Jennifer Condon

Posted by admin on May 13, 2013


Jennifer Condon: LPS

Jen began working with L&R Incorporated back in February of 2012. She started with our company as an entry level appointment setter. Since then, just over the span of one year, Jennifer has won numerous prizes and seen her career flourish.

Moving forward with L&R Incorporated…

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L&R Incorporated Employee

Prior to working with L&R Incorporated, Jen was employed as an insurance agent for about four years. She soon discovered a natural affluence with her work at L&R. Shortly after Jennifer came to L&R Incorporated, she advanced to the number one position in the Patriot Division! Her experience and industry know-how has earned her a lot of recognition and awards.

Awards and Accolades…

In the very short time that Jen has been employed with L&R Incorporated, she has earned herself two all-inclusive vacations to the Bahamas and to Florida. She’s also won numerous prizes to take home with her, such as a Kindle Fire and a Gold Bracelet. As an appointment setter, Jenn currently holds the record in the Patriot Division.

So what now? Jen is now moving forward with her career here at L&R Incorporated. Her personal goal is to continue to move up in the company and take on additional responsibilities. We look forward to having Jen Conlon continue to work alongside our team.

L&R Incorporated has been giving opportunity to ambitious young candidates like Jennifer for years. We have been in business since 1914 and have been creating jobs in the Granite State for 16 years! If you are interested in becoming affiliated with one of the fastest growing opportunities in the region, feel free to browse our site or call at 1-866-213-3131. We are an equal opportunity employer. For an immediate interview with L&R Incorporated, please call 603-229-3131.