Nicole ParkerNicole Parker
Customer Service/ Appointment Setter

Nicole started with L&R Inc part time in February of 2006 as an entry level appointment setter she was promoted to the evening shift supervisor overseeing up to 11 people. Nicole’s dedication and persistence had not only won her numerous trips and prizes but is recognized as one of the top appointment setters in the northeast region. In 2011 Nicole was promoted to a assistant branch manager in the Belmont Nh Branch. Then in 2013 Nicole once again received a promotion to assist in running our Factory Outlet in Bedford NH. In 2015 Nicole has been brought back to the corporate office to help continue expanding the appointment setting dept.

Melissa Morest
Manager Factory Dist

Melissa started with L&R Merchandising in October 1998 while attending cosmetology school. She was quickly promoted to a department supervisor in 1999. Melissa decided to discontinue her pursuit in cosmetology in 2001. Melissa was again promoted and given the title of account supervisor. In 2005 Melissa took on the duties of office manager and given the responsibilities of overseeing & supervising the overall production of the Concord N.H. office. In 2009 Melissa earned the right to open her own branch in Rochester N.H. Melissa has been an exceptional asset to the company and will definitely aid in our expansion in 2015.

Scott BrowneScott Browne
Senior Consultant

Scott started with the company in Dec 1998, prior to that Scott worked as a pipe layer for many years. Scott’s persistence and strong work habits has earned him over 35 all expense paid vacations to places such Italy, Jackson hole Wyoming, Los Cabo Mexico, Scott has also earned numerous incentives such as a Rolex watch & a 50″ tv. Scotts goal is to continue to help others succeed within the company with his unending knowledge and experience.

Jason RheaumeJason Rheaume
Personnel Manager

Jason started with L&R in Sept 2012 as an entry level customer service rep within 20 days of his starting date Jason was promoted to a field manager where he was responsible for the training of new customer service reps. 40 days later Jason was promoted to a personnel manager Jason has earned the top positions many times in his career with our company and has won 2 all in elusive vacations as well as numerous prizes. Jason and his wife Krystal are scheduled for another promotion in July 2013 where he will take on the role of a branch manager and help our office continue to grow within the division. Jason’s goal is to run a factory distribution outlet by The end of 2013. Jason was promoted to run a factory division outlet at the beginning of 2014. In 2015 he will help us to continue to expand our company.

Robyn CrossRobyn Cross
Sales Manager

In March of 2009 Robyn started with L&R Inc as an entry level customer service rep, within 60 days Robyn was promoted to a personnel manager. 6 months later Robyn was once again promoted to a branch managers position. She is currently a personnel supervisor in our concord Nh office. Robyn contributes her success and rapid advancement to her strong work habits, positive attitude and dedication to her career.

Jeremy Huntley
Senior Sales Rep

Jayvee Barnard
Senior Sales Rep

Jessica PinardJessica Pinard
Appointment Setter

Jess started with L&R in May 2008 as an entry level appointment setter, Jess has since worked her way up to a senior appointment setter. Prior to working with L&R Jess worked as a LNA in the medical field for 5 + years. Jess has been recognized as one of the top appointment setters in the the Northeast region.

Jennifer CondonJennifer Condon

Jen started with L&R in Feb 2012. As a entry level appointment setter. Prior to L&R Jen worked as an insurance agent for 4 years. Jen quickly advanced to the number one position in the Patriot Division. In the short time that Jen has been with our company, she has earned 2 all inclusive Vacations to the Bahamas as well as Florida. Jen has also won numerous prizes such as a Kindle Fire and Gold bracelet. Jenn currently holds the record in the patriot division as an appointment setter. Jens goal is to continue to move up in the company and take on more responsibilities in 2015.

Danielle StrongDanielle Strong
Appointment setter / Trainer

Danielle started with L&R in May 2012. Prior to starting with our company Danielle worked as a waitress for 4 years. In the spring of 2013 Danielle earned an all expense trip to Florida where she was recognized as the best in her field. Danielle was recently promoted to the position of training new appointment setters. Danielle’s goal is to earn the position of a Branch manager and eventually manage a factory distribution center.

 James "Jim Bob" Santerre James “Jim Bob” Santerre

James started with L&R Inc in Feb 2013 as a entry level customer service rep Jim’s consistent work habits has helped him to earn above average wages with the company as well as doing some training of new reps. Jim’s immediate goal is to continue to work his way up in the company with his long term goal of running a factory outlet. Within 1.5 years.