Unparalleled Career Opportunities at L & R Merchandising

Posted by admin on January 17, 2014

At L & R Merchandising, not only do we offer some of the most lucrative jobs available, but we also offer outstanding career building opportunities. Whether you’re looking for a highly flexible job meeting prospective customers in the field, or working in-house, you’ll soon learn that working with L & R Merchandising comes with a seemingly endless list of benefits.

A job with L & R Merchandising comes with all the traditional benefits that come with most full time jobs as well as much, much more. Our employees enjoy paid holidays, medical coverage, paid sick days, disability insurance, life insurance, paid time off, 401 (K) plans, and more. We offer our employees spectacular incentives like glamorous watches, boating trips, vacations, and an entire culture based on keeping our employees more than happy.

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At L & R Merchandising, our employees also enjoy unique advantages such as celebrations for individual and departmental milestones, as well as regular company-wide employee update meetings. We think of our employees all around the country as a community of hard working professionals who deserve all the benefits of a traditional career and more.

If you’re interested in fulfilling career opportunities, contact us at: 1-866-213-3131